Beet Rig

This is my result rig from two amazing CG society workshops:

Rigging Techniques: Cartoon to Realistic - by Nico Sanghrajka

Character Facial Rigging for Production - by Wade Ryer

I had lots of fun and learned a lot during the process of rigging this. 

Some of Beet features include:

- stretchy ik/fk limbs with elbow lock and adjustable length.

- Bendy limbs and spine.

- Shoes and hoodies rig to fake collision with body.

- Cloth wrinkle baked in as blendshape

- Full facial rig includes micro controllers, smart eyelids, lip seal, lattice to deform the entire head, controllable teeth shape...

Design, Model by Jamie Tran, check out more of her amazing works here:

Ape Rig

Ape is one of my personal project, aiming to see how far I can achieve with deformation using only joints.

Ape rig is still a work in progress in term of deformation.

* facial rig is currently not available

Model from Khiew Jit Chun, check out more of his amazing works here:

Animation test by Tan Wai Siong


Roll script

Roll script is a little utility python script I created to solve the problem of animating a rolling ball perfectly. The script uses quaternion to calculate the rotation of any sphere-like object per frame based on its position in space then bake directly into any of the sphere controllers. 

The script works on:

- any type of spheres, any rig set up.

- any kind of animation on its position including path animation.

Download here:

BB8 model used in demo can be downloaded here: