Rigging Reel 2018

Reel Breakdown

00:00 - 00:43 | Beet rig - Personal work, aiming to explore advance cartoony rigging. Rig support stretch, squash and bendy ik/fk limbs, spine and over 200 controls for body and face.

00:43 - 01:34 | Ape rig - Personal work, aiming to explore realistic rigging with only joints. My intention was to try to fake all muscle groups movement using nothing but skinCluster. This is still WIP as I intended to continue layer on pose-space deformer.

01:34 - 01:39 | Bird rig for undisclosed project at Omens studio. Responsible for all rigging/deformation aspect.

01:39 - 01:54 | Project: Gnome - Omens studio - Responsible for all rigging/deformation aspect of the Caterpillar.

01:54 - 02:18 | Project: Tales of Christmas 2017 - Omens studio - Responsible for: - All human characters rig/deformation - Co-worked in creating rig/deformation for the elves - Co-worked in creating rig/deformation for all props

02:18 - 02:27 | Project: Leo the Wildlife Ranger - Responsible for all rigging/deformation for all characters, animals and props

Senior Rigger/TD

Omens Studio
June 2015 - Present

I am responsible for creating Props/Characters rig/deformation for various projects including TV series, short film, feature films, games... 
I am also responsible for creating & provide technical support for various pipelines/tools for the artist, which includes Internal Assets Managers & M2B - Maya to Blender pipeline.